Bright Touch
2 in 1 Detoxifying Mask & Micro Scrub

All skin types

Detoxifies, cleanses and boosts skin’s radiance.

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Multi-action product is designed to boost skin’s natural radiance and to maintain skin’s optimal functions, like renewal. Use it as a mask, scrub or as their combination. This innovative product is infused with arctic cloudberry nectar, Botanical acid complex and micro-grains of polylactic acid to guarantee that your skin will become incredibly radiant, bright and renewed! Ideal for all skin types. For sensitive skin the recommendation is to use it only as a 3 minute mask. 75 ml ℮ 2.5. FL.OZ.

Use and tips

Use once a week as a mask, scrub or as their combination. Apply to cleansed face and neck. Allow to act 3 minutes. Massage gently with moist fingertips avoiding skin around the eyes. Rinse with water.



  • As a mask your skin will enjoy the benefits of detoxifying arctic cloudberry nectar and skin renewal stimulating Botanical acid complex.


  • When massaging gently with moist fingertips micro-grains of polylactic acid start to work to remove effectively dead skin cells from the skin. 


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