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Founded as part of a pharmaceutical company in the late 40s, the brand Lumene saw the Arctic light of day in 1970, and became the market leading skincare and cosmetic brand in Finland after only three years. Part of the success story was Lumene’s naturally potent ingredients, being the first cosmetics company in the world to use handpicked, wild Arctic berries refined by science. Today, the company – and brand – stand with one foot in the wild and one in the laboratory, combining Arctic nature’s finest ingredients with groundbreaking technology to create bioactive skincare and cosmetics.


We illuminate the beauty in all.


With pioneering technology, Lumene transforms what wild Arctic nature has perfected, to create bioactive skincare and cosmetics that illuminate your natural beauty.

Facts & Figures

In 2012, Lumene group's net sales amounted to €90 million. Compared to the previous year, net sales increased by 6%. The company's EBITDA amounted to €13.7 million, which is 15% of net sales.

Almost half of the company’s net sales are generated from its home market of Finland, and more than 50% come from the international markets - Russia, Scandinavia and USA
The company has about 530 employees, 330 of whom work in Finland



Langholm Capital LLP

Langholm Capital LLP is a London-based capital investor, focusing on medium-sized buyout investments, making investments to European companies offering services and/or products to consumers. In particular Langholm is interested in companies operating in industries that promote personal health and well being, offering comfort and freeing time from domestic work.

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CapMan Group

CapMan Group is one of the leading private equity firms in the Nordic countries and Russia, with assets under management of €3.4 billion. CapMan has four key investment partnerships - CapMan Buyout, CapMan Russia, CapMan Public Market, and CapMan Real Estate - each of which has its own dedicated investment team and funds. Altogether, CapMan employs approx. 120 people in Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Moscow and Luxembourg. CapMan was established in 1989 and has been listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange since 2001.

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Board of Directors

Alice Avis

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Christian Lorenzen

Langholm Capital LLP, Partner
Member of the Board of Directors

Bert Wiegman

Langholm Capital LLP, Partner
Member of the Board of Directors

Richard Rivers

Member of the Board of Directors  

Tuomo Raasio

CapMan Oyj
Senior Partner 
Member of the Board of Directors

Lumene's Management Team 

Tapio Pajuharju 

President and CEO

Terhi Ahvonen

Vice President, Human Resources 

 Ursula Blässar

Vice President, Marketing

Tiina Isohanni

Vice President, Innovation & Development 

Arina Shabanova

General Manager, Lumene Russia 

Jarmo Korhonen


Jukka Lång

Vice President, International Sales

Tuomas Virtamo

Vice President, Sales Finland

Kimmo Parvela

Vice President, Supply Chain