Arctic Aqua
24h Deep Moisture Face Cream

Intensive & long-lasting hydration

Refreshing and effective face cream raises the skin’s moisture content and prevents moisture from evaporating by restoring the skin’s natural defenses.

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 Pure mineral-rich arctic spring water and unique hydrating technology that binds water to skin cells moisture with a long-lasting effect and keep the skin soft and healthy.


  • Help to maintain skin’s moisture balance.
  • Provide intensive and long-lasting hydration.*

* Clinical study 2012, 22 persons

Suitable for normal and dry skin. 50 ml ℮ 1.7 FL.OZ.

Use and tips

Apply to cleansed face and neck every morning and night.

Test results

Proven effectiveness

• Clinically proven long-lasting moisturizing effect*

* Clinical study 2012, 22 persons


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Its the best creme i have had in a long time! Its perfect for my skin! It gives a lot of moisture but no fat. Its perfect! I love it!
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