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Dark Under Eye Concealer

Optimal concealer for dark under-eye circles

You may get dark circles under the eyes due to hereditary factors, tiredness, or lack of fresh air. 

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General stimulation of the blood circulation through exercise and eating food containing plenty of vitamins and trace elements are recommended as basic treatment for dark under-eye circles. However, concealer is the best way to remedy the situation. Lumene Beauty Base Dark Under Eye Concealer with an apricot shade perfectly conceals dark under-eye circles and other minor flaws of the skin, such as broken capillaries, bruises and tattoos. Your skin will feel fresh and light, and you can trust that your makeup will stay on all day. A fragrance-free product.  7 ml.

Use and tips

Apply concealer to the required areas on top of foundation. Use your fingers for easy application: the heat from your fingers will help the concealer melt softly into the skin.

Test results

Tested product effectiveness

  • 81.6% * of women agreed that the product had a pleasant consistency
  • 82.1% * of women agreed that the cream effectively conceals dark under-eye circles
  • 81.6% * of women found the product’s shade to be suitable for them
  • 89.7% * of women agreed that the product was easy to use

Free comments:

  • ‘You must launch this on the market!’
  • ‘The product stayed in place all day and did not leave a pasty feel or look’
  • ‘The product lasted a long time and was easy to apply: a single drop was enough to cover both under-eye areas'
  • ‘A good product, also suitable for the sides of the nose’

* self-assessment, consumer test / 39 women.


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