Protect your skin’s youthful luminosity against the first signs of skin aging. The Kuulas range comprises of a potent concoction of Arctic Lingonberry extract, a concentrated bioactive elixir packed with Antioxidants, and Pure Arctic Spring Water to help skin appear naturally plumper and more radiant.

Arctic Lingonberry

In Finland, you’ll spot the Lingonberry in peaty forests, growing close to the ground on evergreen shrubs. Used for aeons intraditional jams and desserts, it’s steeped in precious cultural heritage. Having survived centuries in the unforgiving Arctic climate, these berries are strikingly potent and resilient. Ripe from late August until the end of September, there’s a narrow time frame to harvest the Lingonberry and capture its potential.

The Lingonberry’s high concentration of Vitamin E comforts skin, while Plant Sterols help maintain health. Fatty Acids are abundant in our Lingonberry Seed Oil and they work to reduce moisture loss, giving you hydrated, healthier-looking skin. Perhaps the berry’s most powerful benefit comes from the Antioxidant Quercetin, which enriches and nurtures skin, defying time to maintain a toned appearance. Our Lingonberry extract is expertly refined in the lab so it’s 40 times richer in Quercetin than the berry itself. This improves its performance and is at the heart of what we do: appreciating the power of the Arctic and skillfully enhancing what’s already there.

Experience the beautiful benefits of the Lingonberry across our Lumene products, and take back your skin with the help of the Arctic.