Eyebrow Pencil

For easy shaping of eyebrows

Defines your eyebrows with natural shade. Beautifully shaped and tidy eyebrows complete your makeup. 

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Enhance your look by shaping your eyebrows with natural colors. The handy brush applicator helps to define your eyebrows in no time – also easy to use by untrained hands. A long-lasting formula for an immaculate look that lasts all day. The slightly waxy formula achieves naturally soft, not too ‘drawn’ eyebrows. 
The wooden pencil made from natural materials is easy to keep in top condition with a pencil sharpener. Arctic blueberry seed oil protects the skin under the eyebrows. Available in three natural brown shades. 1.1g / NET WT 0.04 OZ.

Use and tips

Remember that an eyebrow pencil is meant for emphasising your eyebrows, not for redrawing them. Highlight your eyebrows with a few light strokes in the direction of natural hair growth. Finish off by brushing the eyebrows to even out the color and achieve a beautiful, groomed shape. If you wish, you can finish off with Lumene Eyebrow Shaping Wax.


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