Color Tips Mascara

Limited edition

Glowing in all colors of the rainbow, the new Lumene Raspberry Color Tips Mascaras are suitable for use either on their own or as an ontrend gradient..

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The new fiber brush separates the lashes and gives them just the right amount of mascara. The dainty brush is also excellent for creating a gradient effect. Available for a limited period!  Formulated without parabens, alcohol or fragrance. 7 ml

Use and tips

Blue on the eyes is always a safe bet when experimenting with a little color. If you have blonde hair, a subtle blue lash can be more flattering than a black
Pink needs to be worn bold. If your eyes are blue, hot colored lashes will make their icy tones pop.
Purple color brings out green and hazel tones and enhances eyes beautifully. Purple is strong, but it's also flattering on most skin tones.


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