For men

Face and body care from the wild - to recharge, hydrate and protect with the power of Arctic Spruce Knot.

Lumene For Men SOS 2 in 1 Sensitive Moisturizer

Instant moisture for dry and sensitive skin.

Lumene For Men  SOS 2 in 1 Energy Booster

Instant vitality for tired and dull skin.

Lumene For Men Sporty Day Moisturizer

Oil-free formula moisturizes your skin and gives a matt finish. 

Lumene For Men Cooling After Shave Balm

Alcohol-free balm for cooling down your skin after shaving. 

Lumene For Men Clear Shaving Gel

Non-foaming formula lets you see where to shave and edge perfectly.

Lumene For Men Daily Face Wash

Refreshing face wash for daily use cleanses oil, sweat, and impurities off your skin without drying it.