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Illuminating and Smoothing Primer

Clean light to your face

Brings clean light to your face. Light-reflecting micropearls bring unique light to a tired or aging face, helping to minimize skin’s lines. 

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The translucent, ultra-light formula blends in the skin perfectly. Suitable for all skin tones. Fresh fragrance is a delight to the senses. Contains radiant Arctic lingonberry seed oil. 25 ml.

Use and tips

There are three ways to use the product: on its own on top of day cream, under foundation or blended with foundation. It works excellently with all Lumene foundations.

Test results

Tested product effectiveness

  • 93.8% * of women agreed that the product had a pleasant fragrance
  • 96.9% * of women agreed that the product had a pleasant consistency
  • 83.9% * of women agreed that the product was suitable for them

Free comments:

  • ‘I will buy this product as soon as it becomes available’
  • ‘Excellent under makeup. My skin seemed smooth and even. I will definitely use this product in the future.'
  • ‘A nice, new product for me’
  • A functioning product that I will be happy to buy for my makeup bag'
  • ‘Such a small amount makes my skin beautiful”

* self-assessment, consumer test / 32 women.


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