Sensitive Touch SOS
Body & Face Light Cream

Soothing, moisturizing

First aid for dry, rough and irritated skin! Immediate relief whenever your skin needs it. The skin-soothing technology provides instant moisture and care, effectively relieving irritations and eliminating an unpleasant sensation of the skin. 

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The skin’s tolerance towards external irritants will improve over time. 

These days, more and more women and men feel that they suffer from tender and sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is often dry, but sensitivity may also be a problem for those with normal or oily skin. The skin type may also become sensitive with age. This cream is perfect for all women and men who suffer from extremely dry, stressed and overly sensitive skin. Ideal for everyone - not only for people with sensitive skin. When used as a body cream, suitable for all skin types. If used as a face cream, ideal for normal to combination skin. The product is free from ethyl alcohol, colorants, perfume, parabens or silicone. Contains over 95% natural ingredients. 150 ml.


Use and tips

Used principally as a body lotion, but the product is also suitable for the face if the skin is not very dry. 

Test results

• All products in the Lumene Sensitive Touch skin-care range have been developed in cooperation with the Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation.
• All products in the range are dermatologically tested.


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