Sensitive Touch
Comforting Eye Cream

Soothing, protecting, anti-aging

Soothing, powerful effects. Lumene Sensitive Touch Comforting Eye Cream balances and strengthens the skin’s functions while preventing premature aging of the skin.

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Helps to protect the delicate skin around the eyes against external stresses. With regular use, smoothes away dark circles under the eyes. Also reduces puffiness in the area around the eyes. Suitable for sensitive skin and skin prone to redness and from normal to dry skin. The product is free from thyl alcohol, colorants, fragrance, parabens, mineral oils or silicone. The product contains over 90 % natural ingredients. 15 ml.

Developed in cooperation with the Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation especially for the needs of sensitive skin, the new, increasingly effective formula is built on the combination of Arctic blueberry extract, which protects against the signs of aging, and soothing ceramids, which strengthen the skin. All products in the range are dermatologically tested.

Use and tips

Dab a small amount on clean skin around eyes in the morning and at night. Remember to remove your eye make-up carefully at night with Sensitive Touch Eye Make-up Remover.


Test results

• All products in the Lumene Sensitive Touch skin-care range have been developed in cooperation with the Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation.
• All products in the range are also dermatologically tested.    


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