Gloss & Care
3-in-1 Shine Caring Base & Top Coat

Convenient all in one solution: shiny transparent polish, base and top

A a real multi-purpose product that can be used as a base coat, top coat and also as a shiny, transparent nail polish. 

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One bottle for the complete manicure saves money as well. Use of base coat improves nail color adherence for longer-lasting results. It contains a UV absorber for more protection and to prevent yellowing. Arctic Cranberry Seed Oil to care and moisturize. Lumene Gloss & Care 3-in-1 Shine Caring Base & Top Coat is suitable for all women who are looking for a simplified solution for manicure and want to use just one product. Also for those users that look for a shiny transparent nail polish. 5 ml.

Use and tips

Apply one layer on a clean nail and then 1-2 layers of color polish. On top of that add one layer as a top coat to give additional shine and wear. For a shiny result, apply 2 layers on a clean nail.


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