Step 1: Create the perfect eye make-up base

Prepare your eyelids with a thin layer of primer; smudge carefully all over your eyelids, up to the globe line.

Expert advice: The primer prevents the eyeshadow from settling into creases and/or melting during the day. The result is a beautiful, long-lasting eye make-up.

Step 2: Set the base

Set the primer with Translucent Mineral Loose Powder.

Step 3: Get the look

Start with the lighter shade, 3 Rippling Reeds and smudge the shade all the way up to the globe line. Using a flat brush, gently apply a thin line of the darker shade, 8 Bare Mountain, below the eye. Use the same shade to mark the globe line to give depth to the eye.

Expert advice: Using the same dark eyeshadow under the eye gives a softer, more complete impression than using separate eyeliner under the eye.

Step 4: Set the lines

Apply the eyeliner (1 Intense Black ), starting at the inner eye, and carefully draw a straight line, following the contours of your eye. The liner can be adjusted slightly up at the outer corner of the eye.

Expert advice: Now is the time to curl your lashes – right before applying mascara to prevent any breakage.

Step 5: Add impressive volume

Apply the mascara (shade 1, Rich Black). Always start applying at the roots of lashes and work yourself, wiggling the brush, out to the tip. Apply a second coat for a more intense look.

Expert advice: This super-volumizing mascara is great to layer and won’t clump due to the thin bristles of the brush.

Step 6: Finish by setting brows

Start with the lighter shade of the palette and fill in the shape of the brow. Add the darker tone to the highest point of your arch, avoiding the darker shade closest to your nose, for a natural, yet defined look. Finally, fix your brows using the transparent Eyebrow Gel.

Expert advice: Before applying color to your brows, make sure they are carefully brushed the way you want them. You can use the brush on the Blueberry Eye Pen to create a good shape.

Result: Just add the final touch

The result can be completed with nail polish from the Nude & Matt Trend collection, 33 Hazy Cloud, 34 Rainless, 35 Morning Shower or 36 Blurred Light, as well as a blush and a Wild Rose lipstick of your own choice.

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