Gel Effect Nail Polish

Salon-quality, long-wear nail polish easy to achieve at home – fabulous shine and durability for your nails

Gel nail polishes have been an extremely popular type of nail polish for some time. Lumene Gel Effect Nail Polishes are easy to use to achieve salon-quality, long-wearing and fabulous nails at home.

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The nail polishes have a quick-to-dry, covering texture and an accurate, flat applicator. Formulated without formaldehyde. 5 ml.

The gel-effect technology:

  • flexible, sheer quality for easy and smooth application  
  • two layers will achieve a look similar to the gel polish used in nail salons –
    a covering, glossy and slightly plumped, gel-like result.
  • the nail polish leaves a perfect, smooth finish with no stripes
  • infinitely bright and clean colors: fabulous, high-gloss shades
  • Quick to dry
  • State-of-the-art technology
    • 1. easy to apply evenly
    • 2. lasts without chipping
    • 3. non-streak end result

Use and tips

Remove any old nail polish using Gloss & Care Nail Polish Remover and wash hands carefully. Apply a layer of Gel Effect Nail Polish to your nails and let it dry for a moment. The Nail Polish dries quickly, so you can apply a second coat shortly after the first one. 

Beauty tip

For an even longer-lasting manicure, apply a coat of Gloss & Care Base Coat under colored nail polish. After that, apply two layers of colored nail polish. After the colored nail polish has dried, complete your manicure with Gloss & Care Quick Drying Top Coat, which creates a super-glossy finish and keeps your nails beautiful for longer. Add a new layer of Top Coat every couple of days when you want more durability and shine. The edge of the brush can be used for precision application.



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