Raspberry Miracle Lips and Eyes

Our Raspberry Miracle collection features conditioning Arctic raspberry seed oil.
Find lipstick and glosses with the most vibrant color and shine, as well as dramatic volumizing and lengthening fiber mascara for looks that make statements.

Lumene Raspberry Miracle Lip Perfecting Balm

Feel a luxurious softness on your lips. Lip Balm improves your lips moisture balance and makes them feel silky smooth. Delicate luminous shades and glowing shine.

Lumene Raspberry Miracle Shine Lipstick

Gorgeous, long-lasting shine and moisturizing and caring effect.

Lumene Raspberry Miracle Blush Sorbet

Long-lasting cream blush in a chubby twist-up format. 

Lumene Raspberry Miracle Eyeliner

An intensive ultra precise liner in a felt-tip pen package. 

Lumene Raspberry Lash Volumizer Mascara

Add dramatic length and volume to your eyelashes with new Raspberry Lash Volumizer mascara. 

Lumene Raspberry Miracle Lip Sorbet

Berrily delicious lip gloss pen with four fabulous features: lip liner, color, gloss and conditioner.

Lumene Raspberry Miracle Lipstick

A comfortable creamy and lightweight lipstick glides smoothly on the lips. It wraps lips in true, lasting color while keeping them soft and conditioned for hours with natural lightweight feel.