Scrubs & Masks

Help skin get rid of roughness with a weekly, or bi-weekly scrub for instant freshness. Pamper yourself with a moisturizing, clarifying or calming mask when you need a deep treatment that gives your skin a little more than your regular day cream.

Lumene Glow Reveal 60 Second Facial

Glowing, polished and healthy-looking skin! This multi-action, exfoliating facial treatment leaves the skin refreshed, deep-purified and with a healty-looking glow. 

Cranberry Smoothing Body Scrub

Smoothing body scrub gently removes dead skin cells. Skin feels instantly soft and smooth. 

Lumene Bright Touch 2 in 1 Detoxifying Mask & Micro Scrub

Detoxifies, cleanses and boosts skin’s radiance.

Lumene Matt Touch Deep-Cleansing Mineral Scrub

Effectively clears pores deep down.

Lumene Matt Touch Deep-Cleansing Peat Mask

Effectively removes impurities and excess oil from the skin. 

Lumene Arctic Spa Body Scrub

Pampering body scrub cleanses and polishes your skin with its unique, Arctic formulation. Discontinued 2016.

Lumene Ultra Sensitive Moisturizing & Calming Mask

Moisturizes, soothes and helps to reduce redness. Supports the skin’s own protection mechanism.