Sensitive Touch
Automatic Eyeliner

Long-lasting automatic eyeliner

Long-wear eyeliner for sensitive eyes and contact lens users. This waterproof and extra smooth formula provides an exact line which is also easy to blend for a softer liner. 

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Sensitive Touch Automatic Eyeliner with strong color pay-off glides easily on the lids and lasts smudgeproof all day. As it is an automatic mechanism it does not need any sharpener. Arctic Blueberry extract conditions the gentle eye area. This skin-friendly formula is developed in co-operation with Finnish Allergy & Asthma Federation. Perfect for women of all ages with sensitive skin or who use contact lenses. The product is free from alcohol, fragrance, paraben/preservative or mineral oil. Contains caring Arctic Blueberry.  0.35 g.

Use and tips

Always apply eyeliner as close to lashes as possible, as this brings the best way out the shape of your eye. Create a more intense gaze by dabbing eyeliner between lashes as well. To build a thicker line, add two to three lines to your original application. Be sure to replace the cap of the pencil after each use to keep color fresh.  Remove eye makeup with Lumene Sensitive Touch Eye Makeup Remover. 
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