Natural Bronze
Shimmering Body Lotion

Sun kissed shimmer, intense moisture

Body lotion evens out your skin tone with its sophisticated, natural bronzed shade that stays put but is easily washed off.

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Instant shimmer for attractive and healthy looks!  Beautify your tan or perfect your skin for parties with this light tinted, moisturizing body lotion. Duo-effect body lotion instantly decorates your skin with brilliant golden pearls while the moisturizing ingredients, like aloe vera condition it. 
Formula is enriched with unique arctic cloudberry nectar that will boost your skin’s natural radiance. Fresh, invigorating fragrance. Designed especially for décolleté, arms and legs. Paraben-free. Does not contain sun protection factor. Suitable for all skin types. 150 ml / 5.1. FL.OZ.

Use and tips

Apply all over your body. Allow to dry before dressing. To be washed off. Beautifies your tan or perfects your skin for parties!

Test results

•    92 % of women say the product was applied evenly *
•    80 % of women say that outcome was a radiant, natural skin tone *


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