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 Give your skin a brighter and more radiant glow with Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C skin care! 

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Brighten, protect & detoxify your skin with the power of wild Arctic cloudberry and encapsulated Vitamin C.
Anti-wrinkle, protect & brighten your skin with our innovative Cloudberry Stem Cell Technology.
Firm, lift and activate your skin with the power of wild Arctic lingonberry and our Skin Messenger Molecules™ technology.
Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and maintain skin’s natural firmness and facial contours with wild Arctic sea buckthorn and our breakthrough Anti-Glycation Technology.
Deeply hydrate your skin with the purest of Arctic spring water and unique hydrating technology for long-lasting results.
The unique skin protecting technology with wild arctic blueberry and ceramides strengthen your skin’s natural barrier and calm and moisturize all day, every day.

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This nutrient-packed miracle water boosts skin hydration and improves its moisture balance.

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