Body care

From indulgent shower gels to smoothing, firming lotions and revitalizing scrubs, let Wild Arctic Nature refresh and care for your body.

Arctic spa

Moisturize and pamper your skin with Nordic Cotton – the moisturizing properties of our Arctic Spa line are even stronger if used in a hot sauna, a time-honored tradition in Finland.


Body Refresh

Body Refresh products help you to get silky smooth skin every day. From the product range you'll find effectively moisturizing, nourishing and invigorating products as well as special care products. 


Cloudberry 2in1 Shower Gel and Scrub

Brighter, smoother and softer skin with gently peeling shower gel. Excellent for daily use. 

Cloudberry Moisturizing Body Lotion

Light body lotion absorbs instantly while moisturizing intensively. Invigorating fragrance refreshes and energizes.

Cloudberry Moisturizing Hand Cream

Quickly-absorbing hand cream provides intensive moisturization. Arctic cloudberry seed oil helps to strenghten and protect the skin.

Cranberry Smoothing Body Scrub

Smoothing body scrub gently removes dead skin cells. Skin feels instantly soft and smooth. 

Cranberry Deo-Antiperspirant

Alcohol-free deo-antiperspirant with a fresh fragrance prevents perspiration effectively. 

Lumene Cranberry Refreshing Shower Gel

Refreshing shower gel with arctic cranberry seed oil cleanses your body gently and pampers your senses with a scent of cranberry.

Cranberry Nourishing Body Cream

Rich body cream with arctic cranberry seed oil nourishes and moisturizes intensively. 

Lumene Cranberry Smoothing Cellulite Serum

Effective serum that helps to maintain skin’s beautiful smoothness. Regular use helps to break fat deposit and prevent formation of new cellulite.

Lumene Arctic Spa Body Butter

Super rich body butter softens, moisturizes and nourishes your body instantly and effectively. Discontinued 2016.

Lumene Arctic Spa Body Lotion

Luxurious, nourishing body lotion moisturizes and softens your skin instantly.

Lumene Arctic Spa Body Scrub

Pampering body scrub cleanses and polishes your skin with its unique, Arctic formulation. Discontinued 2016.

Lumene Arctic Spa Shower Cream

Indulge your senses with this rich, luxurious shower cream.

Lumene Arctic Aqua 24h Deo-Antiperspirant

Effective, alcohol-free deo-antiperspirant.

Lumene Arctic Aqua 24h Deep Moisture Body Lotion

Refreshing and quickly-absorbing emulsion provides intensive long-lasting moisture. 

Lumene Birch & Honey Foot Cream

Cooling foot cream invigorates tired feet and moisturizes intensively.

Lumene Arctic Aqua 24H Deo-Antiperspirant Fragrance Free

Effective, fragrance-free and alcohol-free deo-antiperspirant. 



Refreshing shower gel cleanses your body perfectly leaving the skin pleasantly smooth

Lumene Birch & Honey Body Lotion

Refreshing, quick absorbing body lotion moisturizes your skin intensively leaving it feeling silky smooth.