Natural Bronze
Gradual Self Tan Lotion

Natural looking tan & intensive moisture

Natural, safe tan for healthy looks. Gradually produces an even tan with natural DHA and moisturizes skin 

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Sun-kissed, safe tan! Turn your pale skin color into sun-kissed bronze, prolong or enhance your tan with this moisturizing safe tan product. Gradually produces a light, natural, even and believable tan with natural DHA and without the harmful effects of the sun. Tan builds up each application, so there’s no chance of overdoing it. After 7 days, the tan is stabilized. 
Formula is enriched with unique arctic cloudberry nectar that will perfect your tan with unique radiance-power. This lotion dries quickly and it can be used after shaving. Easy to apply formula doesn't streak and you can enjoy the even tan (not the tiger stripes). Light, fresh scent. Does not contain sun protection factor. Ideal for face and body, especially for fair skin Formulated without parabens and formaldehyde donorsl.  Suitable for all skin types. 150 ml e 5.1. FL.OZ.

Use and tips

For the best results first scrub your body. Apply to clean and dry skin. Wash the hands immediately after use. Perfect for daily use. Gradually produces a light, natural tan in about one week. Does not contain sun protection factor. 


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