Natural Bronze
Self Tan Mousse

Natural looking tan, light mousse formula

Light mousse gives a beautiful, even tan in about 12 hours. 

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Feather-light mousse produces a sun-kissed color to your body easily and safely. Soft, perfectly light mousse formula is super easy to apply evenly over your body. Produces a beautiful, tanned look in about 12 hours. Absorbs quickly, leaving the skin streak-free and silky smooth without stickiness.

Detox properties of cloudberry nectar beautify your skin, making it appear brighter and more radiant. Tan is produced with DHA without the harmful effects of the sun. The product does not contain SPF. The product is free from parabens. Suitable for all skin types. Excellent for also lighter skin tones. 150 ml.

Use and tips

For best results, first exfoliate your body and moisturize with body lotion. Carefully apply the mousse to clean, dry skin, fading out on knees, elbows, ankles and other areas where the skin tends to be dry. Wash hands immediately after use. Wait until the mousse has completely absorbed before getting dressed. To maintain the tanned look, reapply when needed.

With Lumene Natural Bronze self tan products you will get a beautiful sun-kissed tone to your skin without the harmful effects of the sun. Products are easy and pleasant to use. They absorb easily and instantly. Products contain Arctic cloudberry nectar. Antioxidants and detoxifying features of cloudberry nectar give your skin radiance and brightness. 


Boston, MA
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I try to stay out of the sun unless I'm swathed in SPF, but of course, then I don't look "summery." So, out of all the self-tanners I've tried this is definitely the best. It comes out in a mousse and looks exactly like the mousse you would apply to your hair. You evenly distribute it along your arms, legs, body and let it dry before dressing. Doesn't take long at all to dry. I look tan by the end of the day. I apply it every morning during summer months and look naturally tan with no streaks or weird spots, all the while wearing 50 SPF! I always get compliments and I always tell people its a self-tanner, and they're ALWAYS shocked. I have a hard time finding this in the stores and have to find it online. I wish it were more readily available. Enjoy!
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