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Serum Foundation


Serum Foundation is loaded with skin caring ingredients. With Arctic Cloudberry Stem Cell Technologies.

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This fine texture glides on effortlessly and blends perfectly like second skin providing lightweight and smooth finish with comfortable wear. Age-defying serum in the foundation helps to prevent fine lines and other signs of aging. This serum infused lightweight texture together with light diffusing pigments even out skin tone by eliminating optically the appearance of minor flaws and uneven tone. Contains SPF 20. Ideal for women (30+) with normal/dry skin who look for sheer coverage foundation with plenty of caring ingredients. For normal and dry skin. Formulated without parabens. 30 ml.

Use and tips

Apply the Serum Foundation over moisturizer either with your fingers or with a makeup sponge. 
Beauty tip: To achieve the best result, it is particularly important to choose a moisturizer for dry skin to wear under foundation. Select a shade that matches your skin tone. Try the shade on the skin of your neck/jawline first. Always choose a darker shade if you are in two minds whether to choose a lighter or a slightly darker shade. Start applying makeup from the middle of the face and blend it in towards the hairline, chin and neck. If you still have light redness or other flaws in your skin, you can cover them with Lumene Beauty Base products. If you want more coverage, you can apply an extra layer of Serum Foundation to the required area. Finish the makeup with Lumene Translucent Mineral Loose Powder, which is suitable for all skin tones. 


Alice Sabatelli
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As I was in Oulu recently, the packaging of this foundation caught my attention. I travel a lot so for me this foundation is perfectly practical, it won't break, it's small enough for short trips and the bonus is: it has inbuilt sunscreen SPF 20, perfect for summer basically!
I am very happy with the shade: 2 honey beige, it's only a little darker than my natural tone yet it makes my skin look healthy and glowing. The product has a pleasant neutral smell.
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