Gel Effect Nail Polish SUMMER 2014

Salon-quality, long-wear nail polish easy to achieve at home – fabulous shine and durability for your nails

Lumene Gel Effect Nail Polishes are easy to use to achieve salon-quality, long-wearing and fabulous nails at home.

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The nail polishes have a quick-to-dry, covering texture and an accurate, flat applicator. Formulated without formaldehyde. 5 ml.

The gel-effect technology:

  • flexible, sheer quality for easy and smooth application  
  • two layers will achieve a look similar to the gel polish used in nail salons –
    a covering, glossy and slightly plumped, gel-like result.
  • the nail polish leaves a perfect, smooth finish with no stripes
  • infinitely bright and clean colors: fabulous, high-gloss shades
  • Quick to dry
  • State-of-the-art technology
    • 1. easy to apply evenly
    • 2. lasts without chipping
    • 3. non-streak end result


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Alice Sabatelli
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I bought a few of these smal nail polishes, they are very bright and have awesome colours especially the shade: 'aamuvalo' it's pink with a lavender undertone. I find the size very practical too, ideal for when you're going on short trip or a weekend away.
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