The Lumene brand saw the Arctic light of day in 1970, and became the market leading skincare and cosmetic brand in Finland after only three years.  Today, the brand is available internationally – with significant presence in Sweden, Russia and the US.  Grounded with one foot in the wild and one in the laboratory, Lumene combines Arctic nature’s finest ingredients with groundbreaking technology to create bioactive skincare and cosmetics to illuminate your natural beauty.


Lumene Lab - Not available in US.

Lumene LAB leverages the company’s pharmaceutical heritage with a unique group of youth experts to develop effective, anti-aging skincare solutions. Using the latest technologies combined with powerful Arctic ingredients, we create the intelligent formulas that focus on anti-aging solutions for every age. Developed and available exclusively for pharmacies, our products are dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and free from parabens, synthetic colorants and mineral oils.