Bright Now Vitamin C
Beauty Drops

Brightening, smoothing, protecting

An effective beauty treatment to make skin silky soft and radiant. Particularly effective for tired and dull skin. 

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Arctic cloudberry seed oil combined with highly effective vitamin C and lingonberry seed oil boosts radiance and brightens the skin with a long-lasting effect. Special formula releases vitamin C slowly into the skin making its effect last longer. Suitable for all skin types. 28 capsules. For external use only.

Use and tips

Use as a course for 28 days, one capsule a day. Remove the tip of the capsule by twisting. Squeeze the contents onto your fingertips. Apply to cleansed face and neck before applying day or night cream. Avoid the skin around the eyes.

For external use only.

Test results

After 28 days, a consumer test showed*:

  • Smoother skin 98%*
  • Fine lines softened 92%*
  • More Radiant skin 85%*
  • Wrinkles reduced 74%*



*Consumer test, self evaluation over 28 days


Average: 3.4 (31 votes)
Wendy Heye
Boston, MA
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This is how I got hooked on Lumene. These beads are incredible - my skin always feels amazing after I use them. I only wish I could buy it in another form so I didn't have to 'open' a bead each time I use it. I have shared these with friends and they are now hooked! I also noticed a difference under my eyes after using them for a short time. Great product!
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I've been using these for a long time and they make such a difference! Your skin is so soft and glowing afterwards, such a great product!
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The Bright Vitamin C capsules are nice. All of the Lumene Vitamin C products are very effective and unique. I am very disappointed, however, that the Vitamin C Radiance that came in a bottle has been discontinued. This was the best of all Lumene products for people who don't want a cream for daytime use. Once it dries, the Vitamin C Radiance is never oily or greasy. It minimizes pores and prevents drying of the skin all day. And with the bottle, wonder of wonders, I was able to dispense exactly the amount that I wanted. That's not possible with the capsules, and I'm not sure that the capsules ("Drops") are cost effective for those of us on a budget. How very disappointing. Lumene, please bring the Radiance in a bottle back!
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I started using this product and while my skin felt softer, i noticed lines coming out from under my eyes that were not there before. I used this with your night cream. Im freaking out and not using it now because i dont understand what the heck is happening. I would expect less lines, not new ones.
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Russia, SPb
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It was a very good product, but now it not available in Russia, It' a disaster. I really liked these drops.
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