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Targeted Dark Spot Corrector

Lightening effect

Special treatment for lightening dark spots, active ingredients help significantly lighten** and even out existing dark spots and effectively prevent them becoming darker. SPF 30.

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Your complexion will become brighter and more even. Enduring the Arctic extremes of temperature and light energizes the wild lingonberry, making it naturally rich in the antioxidant Quercetin. Our bioactive extract* is 40 times more potent than the berry itself, providing maximum protection from breakdown of the skin’s elastin fibers. Formulated without parabens, formaldehyde donors, mineral oil, synthetic colorants, fragrance. 15 ml e 0.5 FL.OZ.

* Patent pending

**Scored by clinician, 20 persons, 4 weeks                  

Use and tips

Apply a small drop directly to the dark spot before using any other skin care products. For best results, use regularly.

Test results

Tested efficiency
• Significant lightening effect on spot’s color was observed in 76% of subjects.*

*Scored by clinician, 20 persons, 4 weeks 


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