BB or CC?


Choosing the right beauty product can admittedly be confusing – BB creams, CC creams, serums, elixirs, instant beautifiers and special treatments are cluttering the shelves. So finding the one that suits Your needs can be tricky at best! For the past couple of years BB and CC creams have been crowding the market. To make this particular choice easier for you we asked our experts to explain the differences between award winning BB and CC creams by Lumene.

The difference between BB and CC

BB cream is short for Beauty or Blemish Balm. It is a skincare product that also covers up imperfections with color pigments. A traditional BB cream has quickly developed to answer consumer needs so they tick many boxes on your morning to-do list. Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C BB cream combines multiple benefits; it evens out your complexion, prevents visible signs of aging, brightens and illuminates as well as covers up imperfections.

  • Lumene BB Cream brings the benefits of a foundation to effective skincare regimen, Nina Vehniä, product manager for skincare at Lumene, explains. The Anti-Aging benefits of the product and the moisturizing formula make it a very appealing choice for busy mornings.


CC is short for color correcting. So true to its name the Lumene Time Freeze CC Cream corrects the color of your skin by covering with color and illuminating pigments as well as evening out the surface. The product has a lot of color pigments just like a foundation but it also has the benefits of a primer and a concealer.

  • CC cream is like a foundation but it also contains other benefits that you are used to getting with multiple makeup products like evening out the skin with primer and covering up with concealer. Using CC Cream gives you a medium to full coverage and a very beautiful matt finish, explains Maarit Veromaa, the Product Manager for Lumene CC Cream.


It is all about what your skin needs and how you use it

When choosing a BB or a CC Cream your skins’ individual needs are a factor to consider. If you feel that your skin needs a lot of coverage or that it has many imperfections, blemishes or scars then you want to go with the more covering CC Cream. But if your skin is more in need of hydration, brightness and care then a BB Cream might be the better choice.

Perhaps the most important factor in choosing between these two is to figure out what kind of a product You are looking to add to your regimen. How and when are you going to use it?  This really comes down to preferences and with those we are all different so one rule does not apply to all. To some the light and easy BB cream is perfect for every day and CC is saved for evening makeup where as others reach for the BB only on those makeup free days and use CC as their everyday foundation. The best recommendation we can give is to try them both and decide which works best for You!

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