Night Creams

Night creams are usually richer in texture and formulated to replenish and assist with cell renewal, which is faster at night than during the day. Sleeping hours are considered as active time for the body to repair itself, skin included.

Bright Now Vitamin C Sleeping Cream

Brightening and nourishing sleeping cream for radiant, glowing skin.


Give your skin that extra energy boost with our many serums, cocktails and boosters. Apply before your day and night cream to achieve desired result.

Lumene Time Freeze Firming Night Cream

Cream helps to reinforce your skin’s firmness and restore its elasticity during the night, while smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.

Lumene Bright Now Visible Repair Night Cream

Pampering night cream helps to reduce wrinkles, making the skin softer and smoother. 

Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C Night Cream

A rich, soft formula to refresh tired skin with the power of antioxidants from Arctic cloudberry combined with vitamin C which is highly effective due to the encapsulation technology.

Lumene Sensitive Touch Comforting Night Cream

Soothing, powerful effects. Sensitive Touch Comforting Night Cream helps the skin to calm down from the day’s stresses while reducing redness and heat sensation.

Lumene Complete Rewind Recovery Night Cream

Formulated to visibly reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles and improve skin density.