Our Commitment

Combining our insight of the power of wild arctic nature with our scientific expertise has been our recipe for illuminating beauty for more than 40 years. Benefiting from these natural powers, also means we need to care for them and the environment around us, and ensure not to harm nature in any way.


LUMENE WaterSmart programme 

We cooperate with The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC) in protecting water-based environments. And our work has been successful  – we have reduced the use of water by more than 30% with the help of our initiative and are committed to continuous reduction and improvement in the future.

Partnerships & Programs

In partnership with the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation, we are hard at work with purifying small Arctic rivers and springs and preserving Arctic peat lands. We believe in sustainability, sustainable production and minimal waste. At the moment we concentrate especially on peat lands protection work.

We use byproducts from other industries when possible to reduce waste. 
(Food, forest, etc.) 

We apply an environmental system complying with the ISO 14001 environmental standard.  

We are committed to the International Responsible Care program coordinated in Finland by the Chemical Industry Federation – for accountability and product safety. 

We do not test on animals.  Alternative methods are used to ensure the safety of our products