One Foot In The Wild And One In The Laboratory

It starts in the wild, with the resilient powers of Arctic ingredients. Using scientific expertise from our pharmaceutical roots, we introduce untamed nature to modern technology. With our heritage and knowledge, our mission is simple: Lumene was created to combine the best of nature with the best of science to illuminate natural beauty in all.

Staying Close To What We Know

With the wild Arctic ingredients growing in our own backyard, we have a deep understanding of their powers – and how to benefit from them. Our passionate teams work together in our global headquarters and factory in Espoo, near Helsinki, where all of our products come from. Here, our experts enhance and transform the most potent core of the Arctic berries into potent skincare and cosmetics – while ensuring the best possible quality.

Handling The Wild With Care

Our precious ingredients – and the wild nature they thrive in – need some love and care. Each and every berry in our products is carefully handpicked to not damage the eco system, and expertly treated to preserve its potency. The vitamins and antioxidants are safely extracted with absolute precision.

Scientific Expertise Is In Our Nature

We constantly push to develop pioneering technologies that enhance these powerful ingredients to benefit and promote natural, luminous beauty. Developing safe, tested and efficient products is our main priority – with quality and innovation always in focus.

A Passion For Illuminating Beauty

Transforming nature’s finest works into bioactive skincare and cosmetics powered by the strength of Arctic nature, has been our proud recipe to illuminating beauty for over 40 years – and the future looks bright.

The wild arctic

In the harsh Arctic nature the strongest ingredients thrive, bursting with power.

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Arctic Skin Science

Combining pioneering science with Arctic nature’s finest ingredients.

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Our Commitment

Benefiting from the wild means caring for the wild.

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Arctic Skin Science

Arctic Skin Science

Our commitment

Combining our insight of the power of wild arctic nature with our scientific expertise has been our recipe for illuminating beauty for more than 40 years. But benefiting from these natural powers, also means we need to care for them and the environment around us.