SISU [Urban Antidotes]

SISU [Urban Antidotes]

Your skin is under constant attack. Pollution, environment and stress all take their toll. Lumene are proud to present the new SISU Urban Antidotes skincare range that combines the hydrating power of pure Arctic spring water with antioxidant-rich pine bark and spruce knot extract to help purify your skin, lock in moisture and shield your beauty against external elements. The perfect antidote to modern life, it restores natural radiance and leaves your skin fresh, revived and luminous looking.  

Pine Bark

Growing in the depths of the wild Finnish forests, the pine tree’s bark is supremely resilient. In Nordic countries bark was traditionally ground up to make bread, which has recently been found to have cholesterol-fighting properties. The benefits of bark to skin are equally exciting.

Our pine bark extract is rich in OPCs, powerful polyphenols that help to nurture skin, acting as natural guard to keep it looking healthy and fresh.

We only use freshly crushed bark from young pine trees and our extract is produced as a side stream product in the paper and wood industry, from bark that otherwise would be waste material. In other words, it’s a sustainably sourced ingredient.

Browse our Lumene products, where pine bark recharges and cares for skin, revealing your natural beauty.

After a day spent in the city take a few moments to purify, restore and protect your skin’s natural beauty.