Wild Rose Lip Makeup

Wild Rose lipsticks, glosses and liners are our selection of essential lip color and care. The moisturizing rose hip seed oil ensures smooth and hydrated lips for color that feels just as good as it looks – from natural shades to shiny gloss.

Lumene Wild Rose Pearl Lip Gloss

Lasting gloss and delicious volume for your lips.

Lumene Wild Rose Créme Lip Gloss

Lasting gloss and delicious volume for your lips.

Wild Rose Lipliner

The soft, gliding formula of the lipliner is designed especially for precise definition. 

Lumene Wild Rose Lipstick SPF 15

Lumene Wild Rose Lipsticks feel light on the lips, available in fresh colors with a long-lasting shine. 

Wild Rose Play of Light Lipstick Moisturizing Summer

Envelope your lips in soft, moisturizing formula with our Wild Rose Summer Trend Collection Lipstick. Moisturizing, lightweight lipstick in pinks and corals. Six summer shades, limited edition.