Wild Rose
Créme Lip Gloss

Luminous shine, light feel

Lasting gloss and delicious volume for your lips.

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The new improved Lumene Wild Rose Lip Glosses now utilize two different gloss effects: the eight Crème shades of the product range have a translucent matte surface, while the eight glittering Pearl shades have a radiant pearlescent shimmer.   The selection now also includes a perfectly clear lip gloss shade, which has been requested and anticipated by the consumers.

The new, incredibly light formula is a carefully selected combination of shine and durability. Lasts on the lips for up to 4 hours with a soft and supple feel. The lip glosses combine extra-shiny color and nourishment: hyaluronic acid gives fullness and moisturizing gloss to the lips, while Arctic rosehip seed oil moisturizes and nourishes them.

The new, improved applicator is soft and flexible. Due to its pliable design, it softly slides on the lips, delivering just the right, generous amount of gloss. Packed in new bottles with a new, streamlined design.

5 ml. 


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