Wild Rose
Natural Lipstick

A caring and wonderfully creamy lipstick that glides on your lips

Discover a perfect range of nude, peach and rose shades that enhance your natural lip color while caring for your lips, making it easy to pick a favorite. 

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Using the power of Arctic Rose Hip Seed Oil, all the shades deeply moisturize with 90% natural ingredients, keeping lips healthy and looking beautiful with every application. Care for your lips with natural, creamy colors and new sheer shades that feel as though they were made for you.

A caring and wonderfully creamy lipstick that glides on your lips.  It is quick and easy to find suitable shades as they match most lip tones. Perfect for women who are looking for a caring, creamy lipstick and colours that emphasise the natural colour of the lips. Very suitable also for those who want to change from lip gloss to lipstick. Natural lipstick is free from parabens, preservatives, most common fragrance allergens and synthetic colour pigments. 3.8 g.

Use and tips

Natural makeup result without lip liner. Emphasis for the lips, with more colour and durability if used in combination with a lip liner of a suitable shade.


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